Romans 3:4

Let God be true, and every man a liar... Romans 3:4

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm Back

Facebook cannot hold me.  So I have revived the blog.  You will see on the right the start of a bloglist.  The first blog is by Evelyn, a God-fearing Christian woman married to a God-fearing Christian man (You'd be surprised how often that happens.).  Her blog is about issues concerning her son Samuel, who has a rare form of dwarfism.  Samuel was expected to live for a few weeks.  He has exceeded those expectations by about....six years.  (Goodness, is Samuel going to be seven in August?)

You want to visit her blog because it is prettier than mine.  And Evelyn is a much nicer person than I.  And unlike me, she is sane.  And Samuel is a really neat kid.

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