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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Theology of Winoism

“I used to be all messed up on drugs till I found the Lord. Now I’m all messed up on the Lord.” Cheech & Chong, Big Bambu album (1972)

“It was for freedom that Christ set us free. Therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.” Galations 5:1
It looks like LSD is making a comeback as a cure for alcoholism. Oh, but it gets better:
Why would hallucinogens be suited for these kinds of treatments? Johnson said people taking the drugs in the studies he's helped with report that it is "one of the most meaningful experiences — or the most meaningful — in their life."

Some says the "trip" changes the direction of their lives and can trigger a redefinition of how they see themselves. That could be as profound as, "I'm now a nondrinker, or whatever the addiction may be," he said.

Some of us reading this have had “the most meaningful experience” in our lives, an experience that would “trigger a redefinition” of how we see ourselves. And we did it without dropping acid. How bad off is this world that the idea of repenting before God is so terrible that scientists recommend using drugs to simulate the salvation experience?

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