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Let God be true, and every man a liar... Romans 3:4

Saturday, June 11, 2011

And Speaking of Resignations...

Anthony Weiner is holding on to his seat. He is "not representing his district" because he is "seeking treatment." He has not resigned as of 1700 hrs. local of this date.

This may sound cruel, but where are the complaints about Gabrielle Giffords not representing the 8th District of the State of Arizona? Indeed, there is talk about Giffords running against John McCain in next year's election.

Some will surely say that I'm "out of turn," "sexist," "cold," "heartless," and "brutal" for even suggesting such a thing. Of course, I am NOT suggesting that Giffords resign from the House. It's very simple: Gabrielle Giffords is noble and makes the House Democrats look good, while Anthony Weiner is a perverted scumbag whose case should be investigated by a grand jury as well as the House Ethics Committee.

However, many of the same people in Congress supported Bill Clinton in his hour of need. "It's just about sex," they cried. "Everybody lies," said some others. "His personal life and his professional life are separate."

Politics indeed makes strange bedfellows.

Addendum: Yahoo News posted this story about Congressworman Gabrielle Giffords Sunday, June 12th. Good for her! Let's pray for her full and complete recovery.

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