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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Post II

Thank you, Tampajeff, for inviting me to participate in this weblog. My primary contributions will concern national security. This is because both Tampajeff and I are retired US Air Force members.

George Washington warned the fledgling United States, "Beware of foreign entanglements." In other words, don't make treaties, especially with European countries. Woodrow Wilson threw that advice out this window with our entrance into World War I, though Congress passed a resolution for war. Similarly, the United States tied its foreign policy to the United Nations at the end of World War II. This entanglement cost the United States 54,000 dead in the Korean War.

Since Korea the Government fought an undeclared war in Vietnam (58,000 dead), two Congressionally-authorized wars in Iraq, and an authorized war in Afghanistan. However, the Obama Administration is using military force in Libya without Congressional authorization. This is quite curious considering Senator Obama's position against the use of force by a Republican President.

It is time to review ALL treaties that require the use of the Armed Forces. No treaty should be spared study. This action could begin with the formation of a "Blue Ribbon" commission of retired military members (not just generals and admirals, put a retired Chief or Sergeant Major in there as well!) and retired diplomats, as well as legal experts such as retired Judge Advocates. Study them all, especially the United Nations and Atlantic Charter, and then make wise recommendations. My guess is there are many retired military men and women and a few good diplomats who would welcome the challenge and a chance to serve the country again.

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