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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The NAGs are coming to Tampa... three weeks!
The theme is "Daring to Dream: Building a Feminist Future." The theme centers on "advancing the principles that have been steering feminism all along: equality, fairness, opportunity, non-violence and empowerment," a NOW news release said.
"This is a very important conference for us, as conservatives continue waging their war on women," NOW President Terry O'Neill said in the release. "We will join together to strategize and get ready for the many challenges ahead of us. … We will also soon be faced with the 2012 elections, which will be critical to women."

 I am sure few women are aware that eeeevil conservatives are waging a war against them.  Well, when the thousands of NAG delegates come from all over the country descend on Tampa three weeks from now...wait, there are not thousands - only 600?  You've got to be kidding me!  That's less than half the people in the Dallas Bull on a Saturday night!  There are churches in Tampa that draw ten times that number!  Is this all the NAGs have got?

Thank God for Bill Clinton, for he single-handedly destroyed the feminist movement in this country.  Back in the 1990's their big issue was sexual harassment in the workplace.  Poor, hard-working women were being victimized by their rich Republican employers who were only interested in one thing.

Then Bill met Monica and that all went down the memory hole.  It was then that I learned that the NAGs have only one issue.  I learned that a politician can abuse women all he wants, he can even get liquored up and drive a woman off a bridge but as long as he pushes for the murder of the unborn he will never leave the good graces of the NAGs. 

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