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Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Want to Barf

This guy really is Father Oprah.
The former South Florida Roman Catholic Priest caught locking lips with his lover on the beach and then left the church to marry her spoken candidly about his story and his new TV show.Father Alberto Cutie announced Tuesday he will host the talk show “Father Albert” on FOX Television stations. “It’ll be everything from sex to salvation,” Father Alberto told The Hollywood Reporter Tuesday in Miami during the NATPE TV trade show.

 But here is the money graph:
“There’s no difference in the job description in the Episcopal church,” said Father Cutie. “It’s just a different place and a different geography. Our congregations are smaller but I do the same work I always did. The governance is different. There’s a little more democracy in our church.”
As a non-Catholic I may be speaking out of turn, but it looks like this guy left the Catholic Church before he left the Catholic Church.  He saw himself as a social worker and not a priest.  Maybe his fame caused him to have issues with humility before his issues with celibacy.  "There's a little more democracy in our church."  I'm sure there is, with gay NJ governors and women priests, the Episcopalians will ordain anything with a heartbeat.  Democracy? This church is the DNC with holidays.

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