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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Tree-d Cougar

From Coach Hugh Wyatt of Washington State, the inventor of the "Wildcat" offense. This BIG kitty was found in a tree near Ocean Shores, WA:

Considering how many deer roam the Ocean Shores peninsula, and how much cover there is for them - and other wildlife - and considering that cougar sightings are becoming common throughout rural Washington... Sergeant Dave McManus of the Ocean Shores Police Department shot this photo last week after a "medium-sized dog" treed the cougar about a half-mile from the center of town. The police contacted the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, which told them just to clear the area. They did so, and when they returned a little later, the cat was gone. (Talk about a lucky medium-sized dog.)

That dog must have had some bark!

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  1. Last October I was driving to Cincinnati on I-74 near Greensburg IN when I am POSITIVE I saw a cougar trying to cross the expressway. It was a big tan cat, much larger than a lynx or a "wildcat." Our local high school's mascot is a stuffed cougar in a glass case, so I know what one looks like.